Successful leadership through coaching 🤝

Coaching has been having a major impact in many countries during the last few years. The term has become something of a buzzword in the business world and because of its frequent use, both appropriate and inappropriate, has become slightly worn out. Additionally, it seems that people don’t have sufficient knowledge of the deeper meaning of being a coach, and lack feeling for the quality of the concept.

This is a definition of the term coaching leadership:

👉 Coaching leadership means releasing a person’s potential to maximise their performance. It means encouraging and supporting a person to develop their own way of thinking, being and learning; as well as developing positive, opportunity oriented attitudes with the purpose of achieving important goals.

👉 What are the characteristics of a skilled coach?

A hallmark of skilled coaches is that they are good listeners. The coach listens to what the person has to say, without interrupting or offering solutions, even when the solutions are obvious. The point is that the person must find their own solutions or answers to their problems. The coach will help the person achieve this through good questioning – creating an opportunity for reflection and creativity.

A good coach has compassion and empathy – but is not afraid to make demands. He/she has the ability of combining hard aspects (concrete requirements, finances, technology etc.) with soft aspects (respect, communication, encouragement).

Typical characteristics of successful and skilful coaching leaders are passion and a strong desire to lead and guide other people. The coach is always results oriented. He/she has a high degree of empathy and emotional intelligence. He/she has the ability to shift his/her thinking from the big picture to the detailed situation. He/she is both a generalist and a specialist. A good coach is obviously and genuinely generous; freely offering his/her own experiences and knowledge and is willing to be supportive and helpful.


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Successful leadership through coaching 🤝