Setting and achieving goals

The goals you are setting must be clearly articulated, easy to understand and realistic – this applies to all goals, regardless of type. To achieve the goals you set requires discipline and a systematic approach, but in return, setting them creates motivation. The more personal and challenging you have articulated the goals, the higher your motivation to achieve them will be.

Here come a couple of guidelines to think about in order to succeed;

Prioritising the goals

A good goal plan starts with prioritising the goals you have. According to our observations, biggest key to success, is to have goals that are clearly defined. Another success factor is not to have too many goals, which makes it difficult to keep track of them all. Goals that are clearly articulated and carefully prioritised will give you security, clarity and control.

A good goal is SMART

A few simple criteria should be followed in order to achieve a good and effective goal plan. There are different sayings to help you remember the criteria. We like to use SMART since it is a good tool that specifies the criteria well and helps you remember them. Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic, Timed.

Good goals are motivating

When a goal is well articulated and framed according to the criteria listed above, you need to write down the advantages of achieving the goal. The advantages can be to yourself, the business, your family or others involved.

Sometimes obstacles arise

Think about whether concrete obstacles could surface on your way towards the final goal. These obstacles may never happen, but if they do, it is good to be prepared – to have an idea about what to do in such a situation.

Action plan

Now it is time to take stock, to write down the milestones you need to meet and the actions you need to take in order to reach your final goal.

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Setting and achieving goals