Navigating the Storming Phase towards Team Cohesion

As a team progresses beyond the initial introductions and familiarities of the forming stage, they transition into tasks requiring increased collaboration. This transition marks the beginning of the storming phase, a stage often marked by friction, disagreements, and conflict according to the team theories by Bruce Tuckman

The storming phase is a critical stage in team development, where members clash, challenge each other, and negotiate roles and responsibilities. It’s important to reframe this phase as an opportunity to build a more cohesive and effective team 🚀

Here are some key takeaways:

🔑                 Create a safe space for open dialogue and conflict resolution. This is essential for fostering an environment that values diverse opinions and constructive criticism.

🔑                 Don’t leave team conflict unchecked. Instead, help team members to resolve conflict in a healthy way. Remember that some friction can be a good thing, as it can reveal inefficiencies for the group to fix together and lead to innovation.

🔑                 Help quieter team members to have their say. Avoid louder individuals dominating face-to-face or virtual team meetings by asking for and hearing everyone’s point of view.

🔑                 Track the progress and success of tasks. This will help you to identify any areas where the team is struggling and provide support accordingly.

Leadership2grow can help you to navigate the storming phase and build a high-performing team. We offer a variety of training programs and coaching services that can help you to:

✅         Create a team culture that values diversity, inclusion, and respect.

✅         Develop team communication and collaboration skills.

✅         Facilitate healthy conflict resolution.

✅         Set clear goals and expectations.

✅         Track progress and provide feedback.

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Navigating the Storming Phase towards Team Cohesion